Our safety Conducting Program


Our safety program is an integral part of the construction project. Full-time safety and health professionals are involved in the planning activities beginning at the preconstruction phase of all projects. Potential liability exposures are identified and managed through site survey (outside professionals document pre-existing conditions if necessary), communication with utilities companies, and with adjacent buildings or communities.

Our healthy and safety Policy

GIPCO is commitment to the preservation of any form of the loss, in particular to the health and safety of all persons associated with our business, we will take every precaution necessary to conduct our activities in pursuit of this commitment.

Environmental Policy

GIPCO Ltd is commited to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment, through educating our employees on the best procedure, compliance with legislative requirements and information to any specific environmental requirements of individual sites and clients.

Occupational health safety and environment management

The occupational health and safety of employees in all our sites remains a very significant focus of management's attention to ensure "every employee return home with no harm" The company is extremely serious about maintaining safe operations and views OHS of her employees as a critical part of its business. 

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